It's as easy as microwaving a TV dinner. All you need to do is submit your Facebook Page URL in the right order form for the campaign that you want to purchase and then verify the order. Our service gets you more likes on your fanpage itself or on an individual post. If you would prefer to promote an individual post, please include that URL in the order form. Please Contact us if you have any questions.
At the moment we offer 2 exciting services: you get more facebook likes on your page or statuses/photos/videos, and a YouTube promotional service as well.
Sure thing. You can use our contact form any time if you would like to chat. If you have a question about a specific order, please simply reply to the confirmation email that gets sent to you shortly after you purchase.
Nope. There is zero chance of this. There is absolutely no way for people to know that you have used our service. We are discreet for the sake of our corporate customers and we take your privacy very seriously. In fact, we use Bitcoin for payments and including even your email address in the payment form is optional so we never have any personal information about you.
Put very simply, Bitcoin is a new type of digital currency that is accepted worldwide, private, safe, and secure. It is accepted by many large and small retailers, and is increasingly being used as the currency of the internet. There are many ways to use Bitcoin, but the simplest way to get started is through a popular Bitcoin exchange/wallet such as Coinbase as just one extremely popular example.
Never. Anybody who asks you for private information like this is not acting in your best interests. Whether you're marketing your own business or you're a marketing agency acting on behalf of your client, your privacy is always 100% maintained with our system.
Thanks for your order! After the first step where you enter in the URL in the order form, all you have to do is send a payment to finalize the transaction. You can do this through any Bitcoin exchange/wallet such as Coinbase as just one example. When we receive that, we'll process that and set it up for you and you should receive an email confirmation usually within a couple hours, although always within 24 hours.
It normally takes about 1-3 days for our service to take effect. Please contact us if you have any questions about your order status by replying to your confirmation email for easiest and quickest response. If you want it quicker than that, please contact us and we'll work with you to rush it ahead of the queue.
Absolutely. Please simply enter in that full URL in the normal Facebook order form and our team will take care of that for you.
Sorry, it's our policy that each order can only be applied to one URL. This is because it takes us considerably more resources to set up the service for multiple pages, even for fewer likes on each page. If you are looking to promote multiple pages though or place multiple orders, please contact us and we may be able to work with you on special bulk discounts or pricing.
Our service invites active members of relevant groups and related pages until we get you all of your likes/followers/views.
Getting in front of a larger audience is always advantageous. There are also significant benefits in terms of having more social proof with a larger like count. Additionally, being found more frequently through searches is also a significant benefit.
We're proud to have our entire company, including our marketing operations and customer service located in the United States. The USA is our largest market and this enables us to provide English-speaking support as well unlike many other agencies.
Yes, large companies trust us for various marketing projects and we always come through and deliver. We never have access to your private information so you are safe..
Sorry, we don't offer free likes or added coupons. However, we do have special programs in place to provide extra bonuses and discounts to frequent customers such as an interactive agency or ad firm that wants to use us frequently on behalf of multiple customers. Please contact us for more information.
Yes, we provide an awesome service and are always trying to raise the bar and get even more diverse skills and knowledge. We'd love for you to contact us about joining the team if you're confident, know how social media works, and believe that you've got what it takes to help take our service get even better. Candidates that take the time to write a customized cover letter go to the front of the pile.
No, we don't provide that kind of service. Our service is a high-quality marketing service that helps put your page in front of a larger audience.
Sure thing. We go out of our way to help you out with any customization requests that you have. Please simply let us know when you order and we will work directly with you on that.
Sure thing. Please contact us anytime if you'd like to make changes to your account and we'll help set that up for you.
We are from the US and it is our biggest market, but we also have a strong focus on other English speaking countries including the UK, Australia, and Canada. However, we provide free targeting with every package and can get you likes for a page in any country you're interested in.
For the most part, yes. We must refuse service for a page that promotes illegal activity or anything else deemed inappropriate. If we can't accept your business, you will of course be offered a full refund.